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I'll also make a donation to a no-kill dog shelter/charity.

Jeff, 47, Prairie Village, Kansas

I am an entrepreneur fortunate enough to still be passionate about the career path I've chosen. Throughout the years, I've established, built, and sold a couple of companies and have enjoyed economic success. However, what really makes any experience enjoyable is the people you get to share it with. I have an incredible core group of friends that have come into my life at different points and times; some dating back to elementary school. My friends describe me as: "a lighthearted jackass", "high energy", "positive" and "always has a big smile on his face."

A Great Life

I love my life. I should because it’s been carefully built by me. I’m a positive person that wakes up everyday with a true zest for living. I enjoy being physically active (truth be told, it’s difficult for me to sit around), learning new things, and spending summer weekends on the water. I’m always interested in new experiences. I've run with the bulls in Spain, jumped out of a few airplanes and have been known to snowboard wearing my pink bunny costume. I also like keeping it low-key; trying out a new restaurant, having drinks around a fire with close friends, or just hanging out with my dog, Gunner. Although I've been in several long-term relationships, I've never been engaged or married and do not have any children.​


RainBeer Run

I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind occasions that gather friends together in a fun atmosphere. One of my best events is the RainBeer Run which doubles as my company Christmas Party and a charitable event. I’ve grown the RainBeer Run from 12 attendees in the first year to a whopping 76 costumed participants for our fifth year. As part of last year's event, we traveled to Waldos best dive bars on scooters and ended at the Brooksider for the after party; which was played by the Stolen Winnebagos (my friends' favorite house band). The RainBeer run is an outstanding time, but also has a charitable component which helps someone who has been struck with tragedy in the past year.

Flipping Out

Real estate has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy buying, selling and renting spaces, but my true enjoyment comes from rehabbing and redesign. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of real estate over the years, but focus mostly on single family homes. These houses give me opportunities to be creative and color outside the lines a bit. Luckily, I’m in a position to pick and choose the projects I feel will excite and drive me. I love the feeling I get at the completion of a home transformation. It is a great feeling of accomplishment and pride; especially when it gets acknowledged by appreciative neighbors and peers.​


I was a Chunk-a-Monk

Health and fitness are "supa-important" to me. You can’t do all of the fun things in life without feeling good; plus I love the competitive atmosphere. I went from being a little chunk-a-monk of a kid to having a six-pack (woohoo! 5’7” 160lbs, 9% BMI). I work out regularly at a couple of places close to home, and have a real passion for eating the right food.

In a relationship, I’m supportive, open-minded, generous and fun. Basically, I’m a happy guy with an unbelievable life. I don’t need a person to ‘complete’ me, but I’m looking for a person with qualities that will allow us to complement each other. I’d like to find someone who is fun, easy to spend time with, someone who is confident, driven, shares the same interests as I and has a zest for life. Funny, goofy, and doesn’t take themselves to seriously. Someone who wants to build a life together, take on challenges with me, be a teammate, a kind hearted person who looks out for others. Has similar values, positive attitude, and sociable.

….Oh..and you gotta love Gunner.

If any of this sounds like you, maybe we’ll be chatting soon.

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